What if?


In the last couple days I have seen and heard stories of exactly 6 people suffering from various physical ailments (IBS, allergies, migraines, arthritis, ADD, PCOS, wanting to lose weight, and more).

In each instance I wondered why people think going off dairy, grains (especially wheat) and veggies oils for 30 days to see if that can make them better is so so more difficult or unappealing than their present struggle.

I am not saying this dietary change isn't challenging at first, or that it will work completely or in all cases, or that I have it all figured out. (I know very little for certain and I am less and less confident in what I know - the more I learn about science and nutrition and health.) In fact I would advise anyone who asked- not to trust the person who is certain when it comes to food and health. But I know personally dozens and dozens of people and have read even more cases of people who have seen these dietary changes make a huge difference in how they feel, in many cases almost wiping out their suffering. Most of these cases involve a specialist who said the person definitively had no allergies, or that there was no treatment for their condition, or that their condition was absolutely not diet related.

I wonder why those that have heard of being dairy/canola oil/grain free are so resistant to it. You don't even have to avoid sweets (it would help but going off grains alone makes some people feel great). I make no money from this. I am just baffled. What could I do to make the transition or 30 day trial easier for people. Would meal ideas or our meal diary help? Recipes? Success stories? Scientific articles?

Perhaps this will help:

This lifestyle does not have to be followed perfectly - I ate a huge chocolate bar today (Oy, help me), perfect makes unhealthy relationships with food - not a good idea. And food compulsions need extra loving and attention beyond food substitutions.

You won't harm yourself by avoiding these foods; there is no nutrient in grain that you can't get tenfold from other food. Modern grains processed in modern ways are very damaging, and there are plenty of real foods that can replace them and veggie oil.

The good news is dairy may be ok for you, but you won’t know it, even if you feel fine, until you are off it for at least 21 days.

You won’t starve, especially if you allow fat back in your diet the way it was in human diets for the last 70 generations, before the health epidemic, and before the bad science that created the low fat dogma of the 80s.

In my case, I wasn't miserable before I switched these foods out. I wasn't even trying to feel better because I didn't believe there was anything that could be done about my ailments at the time. I just wanted to loose weight. My point is that trying a grain free/legume free/ veggie oil free lifestyle, is not just for those suffering from disease. 

I say this all with love, not criticism. How can I help? WHAT IF you or your loved one could feel better?
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Paleo Keto Food Ideas


grilled cabbage and bacon  from food.com 

It can be a challenge to think of something new and exciting to make or to find recipes that are both truly Paleo and low carb ketogenic (LCHF) . (A lot of low carb recipes just aren't low carb at all and a lot of keto recipes have dairy  or veggie oils. 

So here are some ideas. Please send me more and check out this great article to learn more

The Paleo Guide to Ketosis

Note: Paleo is dairy free with the exception of dairy fat, so butter is included in this list of recipes. But you can easily substitute other fats in its place. 

Meal template
Take any small amount of protein, and lots of non starchy veggies,then add some of these great and not boring sauces to your combo. All of these are definitely LCHF  and come the book: Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings and Toppings 

Minty Caper Sauce (p.78)

Sausage Gravy (p. 44)
Bearnaise Sauce (p. 32)
Hollandaise Sauce (p. 30)
Lemon Butter (p. 86)

Another quick and easy keto meal or side dish is organic greens or baby romaine or baby spinach or arugla -  with dressing! (you can also add chopped left over protein  a few sliced nuts and a bit of berries, in minutes  and call it a gourmet protein salad) 
here is my favourite (I omit the parmesean) 

Rebar Caesar Salad


then there is the basic dressing: 1/3 olive oil, 1/3 coconut aminos and 1/3 good quality balsamic

here are other LCHF dressings, also from, Primal Blueprint Healthy Sauces, Dressings and Toppings

Basic Vinegrette (p. 114)
Mayonaise (p.178)
Green Goddess (p. 124)
Rosmary Dressing (p.130)
Basil/lime Dressing (p. 134)
Coconut Cilantro (p. 142)
Avacado Lime (p. 144)
Lemon Aioli (p. 180)
Tatar Sauce (p. 184)
Bacon Chive butter (p. 200)

Winter salad
slightly cooked veggies, served cold with seasoning and oil (no lettuce) 

or marinade your veggies and meat in
spicy cilantro marinade (p.235)
coconut almond marinade (p. 241)

Snack ideas
This Primal Blueprint topping on some berries
Coconut Whipped Cream (p. 100)

Guacamole: with or without veggie sticks
ripe avacado
lemon juice
serano peppers
fresh cilantro
(don't over mix or mush it, don't add garlic)

macadamia butter, with or without veggie sticks

red cabbage sauted in fat and apple cider vinegar

sauerkraut with avocado oil

1/2 avacado with capers, or salsa or salt
coffee with a TB of coconut oil and a TB of butter and cinnamon (blended)

beef bone broth with veggies
plain bone broth
Supper Ideas
 (which can also be lunch or breakfast ideas- everything can be a breakfast food)

pot roast
celery, carrots, chuck roast, onlin tomato paste, bacon grease or olive oil

peachy chicken salad
a peach, cooked chicken, celery, almonds chopped and tossed with paleo mayo mized with curry powder and a bit of fresh squeezed OJ

grilled shrimp and cukes
thinly sliced cukes, with dill dressing (or any dressing), with shrimp fried in butter and garlic

super wedge
wedge of lettuce, topped with bacon, Mayo  hard boiled eggs, avocado slices and a bit of shredded carrot and tomato , plus dressing

coconut thai soup
veggies (carrots, onions, red peppers, cauliflour- whatever) friend in lots of coconut oil, in a pot with chicken, add Thai Red Curry Paste, cans of full fat coconut milk, chicken stock and fresh cilantro when you serve it (ground cashews or macadamia nuts are nice on top too)

fry mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, groudn pork or sausage or sliced bacon in olive oil, whisk eggs in bowl, add them to fry pan, stir for a few minutes then broil for a few minutes (serve with avacado and salsa)

fish wrap 
canned tuna or salmon with olive or avocado oil wrapped in lettuce with olives, avocado and tomato

pork burgers
just small ground pork with spices served with mustard, or horseradish mustard, served with zuchinni or spinach fried in butter

Steak, mushrooms and mash
cooked cauliflower processed with butter and salt and pepper, under slices of steak with mushrooms that were cooked with butter and then 1/2 cup red wine the last few minutes. 

Sautéed Red Cabbage with Onions & Apples 
 (omit the apple to lower the carbs) from the cookbook  Practical Paleo 

 (dipped in one of the sauces mentioned above) with salad.
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Transitioning to Low Carb Paleo


Chili Cilantro Lime Crock Pot Chicken

This is how I combine low carb with paleo:

LOW CARB: NO sugars, starches, alcohol, veggie oils, low fat diary, fruit (except occasional berries or citrus).

PALEO: NO grains, legumes, veggie oils, processed sugars, dairy.

A lot of low carb people are into processed food, artificial food, artificial sweeteners and some grains and legumes.

A lot of paleo people are into starches, potatoes sweet potato, lots of tropical fruit, lots of desserts with maple syrup, honey, dates, etc.

So I go for paleo first (real food, close its source) less the starches, and reduce the carbs (i.e... less nuts, more nutrient dense and colourful carbs like leafy veggies and berries. 

My kids and husband can have more fruit, starches and "paleo desserts", but I now know for sure, after years of experimenting, that for my body, eating strick paleo  does not work for me in terms of loosing weight. I am very carb sensitive. My metabolism is broken from years of eating very little protein and high carb diets and other health issues. 

Eating low carb/Nutritional Ketosis does enable me to loose weight, feel better and experience less inflammation in my sinuses. 

This is how I suggest people transition to  low carb paleo - in phases:

PHASE 1: easy peasy, switch your fats and oils (assuming you have already ditched pops, artificial sweeteners and booze) from veggie and procesed oils to naturaly sourced fats and oils, also trade in low fat diary for full fat dairy  (I can't tolerate dairy - I thought I was fine with it, but you wont know if you can until you go off it for at least 21 days.)

PHASE 2: trade in grains and legumes, for nuts, seeds, heaps of veggies and more natural fats and oils, as well as protein (try the other cuts of meat and odd bits) - good luck finding packaged food without soy or corn oil

PHASE 3: reduce sweets, all kinds of sugars, juice, dates, fruit, starches - potatoes, bananas, gluten free treats, (except for a bit of berries and citrus)

PHASE 4: improve food quality -grass fed beef, pastured pork, lard, free range poultry and eggs, wild seafood, grass fed butter, raw full fat diary, organic produce when possible, and add fermented food to diet gradually

PHASE 5: if you are meeting your personal fitness and body composition goals as well as your health marker goals, and you are thriving in terms of your sleep, mood, skin and gut health, have some starchy fruit and veg once in a while, along with some grain free booze and paleo treats (once in a while!). If you are not meeting your goals, try diary free for 21 days, and for fat loss:reduce carbs, increase fats and ease off on the protein.

These phases can be done (1-4) all at once, or in weekly or monthly stages, depending on how much of an adjustment it is for your lifestyle and on how quickly your body adapts. 

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Grain Free Dietary Fibre


A couple weeks ago in my son's grade nine "Healthy Living" class the students were asked to compare their diet to Canada Food Guide, which dictates how many servings of each of the four food groups a person should eat in order to be healthy. 

The four food groups are: 1.grains, 2. veggies and fruit, 3.meat and alternatives, 4. dairy and alternatives. My son has been on a Paleo diet for two years, so he is grain free and the only dairy he eats is butter. He also has IBD and his symptoms improved greatly by following a low FODMAPs diet. 

So when he came home that day he explained that he got a zero in the grain section and scored low on the diary and that when he told the teacher he doesn't eat those things she gave him an assignment - to improve his fibre intake. 

His homework was to document how much fibre he ate for about 10 days. The goal he was given was to eat 19 grams per day, but he didn't change the way he ate, nor did we change what we had available.  (The other kids had to keep food logs as well, but most of them had to increase their fruit and veggie servings.)

So he diligently keep a food log, which you can see below. I was NOT concerned about how much fibre we eat, as I am yet to be convinced humans even need fibre.

But....we were pleased to have proof for those who are concerned that, without effort or intention, he gets more than enough fibre (an average of about 22/day).  
Wonder what his teacher will think?

Note: I realize there are different types of dietary fibre and that he eats too much packaged food and gets lots of fibre from coconut and maybe should eat more veggies (oops one day he had non paleo legumes), no biggie, we are doing the best that we can and this is how he truly eats. My point is that you can eat grain free and get lots of fibre. 

Here is some more info to check out:  

March 20

March 26
N'oatmeal 8
N'oatmeal and blueberries 9
coco larabar 5
kind bar 3
roast beef and potato 5.5
orange 2.5
2 eggs 0
1.5 macaroon 9
protein salad w/scallops, sausages,  5
meatloaf w/ almond flour 1
carrots, almonds, EVO dressing)

2 gf brownies 4
Total  24
Thai chicken soup 0

Total  28.5
March 21

N'oatmeal and blueberries 9
March 27
coconut macaroon 11
bacon and 2 eggs 0
larabars, strawberries, carrots, kind bar 9
2 gf brownies 4
pancakes (coconut and almond) 10
pb choc larabar 4
1/2 orange 1
macaroon 6
smothie (ban/straw/coconut/yoke) 1
plantain chips 1 1
Total  41
steak strips 0

strawberries 2
March 22

1 and 1/2 cp broccoli 6
1/2 cp blueberries 2.5
mini potatoes 3
bacon and eggs 0
Total  26
pb larabar 3

carrots 2.5
March 28
tuna 0
bacon and 2 eggs 0
salad (lettuce, carrots) 2
smoothie 3
pork burger 0
2 gf brownies 4
bana cocoa pudding 4
larabar 3
goats milk 0
macaroon 6
Total  14
pork burger 0

strawberries 2
March 23

salad 3
N'oatmeal and blueberries 9
goats milk 0
broccoli/butter/parm/bacon bits) 4
Total  21
lettuce 2

carrots 3
March 29
kale chips 1.5
bacon, ham and 2 eggs 0
hard parmesean 0
potatoes 4
sausage 0
lettuce, carrots, ground turkey 2
2.5 macaroons 7.5
spinach 1
goat milk 0
kidney beans 6
Total  27
gf cake 5

Total  18
March 24

2 macaroons 6
March 30
bacon and 2 eggs 0
sausage and 2 eggs 0
sweet pot 3
kind bar 3
cauliflower 2
larabar 4
salad (lettuce carrots evo) 1.5
goats milk 0
meatloaf w/ almond flour 1
steak 0
Total  14
salad 3

macaroon 6
March 25 

Total  16
eggs and sausages 0

macaroon 6

cashew larabar 3

orange 2.5

kind bar 3

meatloaf w/ almond flour 1

2 cups goat milk  0

Total  16

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