What I eat - and don't eat


Flowchart created by CrossFit NZ
My diet falls in land shared between Paleo and Low Carb.

Paleo is eating foods that are not grains, legumes or diary and that were present before agriculture, with seasonal, local, and sustainability ideals. (It also involves a natural exercise and other patterns, like getting lots of sleep and sun.)

Low Carb is eating food that does not increase your blood sugar and your insulin (improving leptin). 

My diet is low carb in that I do not eat sugars and starches, and it is Paleo in that I do not eat grains or legumes and intuitively agree with not eating packaged or chemically processed food (frankenfood). I eat high fat, moderate protein and very low carb. I am not afraid eating saturated fat anymore (see The Truth about Ancel Keys).

My low carb experience began with the New Atkins and the Protein Power Lifeplan instructions, but now I think it is more accurate to call my diet LCHF, as the Sweeds do. LCHF stands for, low carbohydrate, high fat.  The Paleo diet includes "safe starches" like potatoes and fruit, but I find they don't work well with me for weight loss.

Click here for a great info graphic about the harm of carbs and why fat doesn't make you fat, and here for an easy dietary fat guide. It is nothing like the media and health organizations' fat guides,  (I will post about how "they were wrong" about fat and the myths about cholesterol in the near future.) And here is a Paleo diet info graphic.

I do not view my diet as temporary. It is a lifestyle that I intend to follow forever. You wouldn't quit something that is hurting your health just for a while, like cigarettes, and then resume after a few months without consequences. It is no different with food. I have seen the damage that "dieting" can do to ones metabolism and psyche. I want my blood sugar to remain as stable as possible so I do not intend to yo yo. That said, I have seen the long term consequences of using food as a religion, so I am not absolutist, I sway a little once in a while. (But the longer I do this, the less tempted I am.)

I do not view my diet as a punishment or sacrifice. It is not something I have to do to make up for being naughty, it is a choice, born out of enjoying this food and enjoying the way it makes me feel.  It is about self respect, so I also eat when I am hungry. 

A couple weeks into my new lifestyle I complained on Jimmy Moore's website (an invaluable website and resource) that I was not losing much weight and he commented that that it mattered more that I had just greatly improved my health. I thought he didn't get it and I yelled at him through the computer, “I don’t care about health; I did the work to loose weight”. Then so much for me changed; I have to admit he was right.

I don't eat:
All grains and legumes (rice, corn, wheat, beans, soy, peanuts, none of it)
Starchy veggies (potato and sweet potatoes - because I need to lose weight)
Sweets , cakes, pastries, fizzy drinks, juice
All sugar and sugary products (except stevia and a little xylitol)Margarine or vegetable oils   
Oils with high omega-6 content: sunflower oil, soy oil, peanut oil, veggie oil, margarine
Dairy Products (except high fat-low carb dairy)
Fruit (juice, fruit products, except for the occasional berry)
Low fat food or food products

I eat:
Dairy products: low carb cheese, feta cheese, butter, whipping cream
Meat: beef, pork, chicken, fish, shellfish (high fat, ham, sausage and other processed meats when they are gluten free and low carb)
Eggs (organic - free range)
Herbs, spices, mustard, spices, stock, salt and pepper
Sauces with low carbohydrate content
Vegetables: spinach, lettuce, red pepper, celery, broccoli, cauliflower,asparagus  
Olives, pickles, garlic, sauerkraut, avocados
Cold pressed oils: Olive, virgin coconut oil, macadamia
Raspberries, cherries, blueberries, blackberries (as a treat)
Almonds and macadamia nuts

I try to eat
as organic as I can afford
as little processed and packaged food as possible
grass fed meat as opposed to grain fed
organic and local meat as opposed to factory farmed meat
raw as opposed to pasteurized dairy
other things beside breakfast food, for breakfast

“Don’t eat anything your great-grandmother wouldn’t recognize as food”
Michael Pollan


  1. thanks Lisa......I really enjoy the info you post....esp. since you are my guru....I'm with you on all the above...I think I do eat a bit more fruit than you (that being said..berries and grapefruit, mostly)....and recently I did get sweet potatoes from my local organic farm that I belong to.....made a nice pumpkin-sweet potato soup tonight....but the best part to me is still the sustained energy all day long and for the most part, better quality sleep...I agree it is not a "diet" to me, but a way to life stronger and healthier.....thanks again....VB

  2. So happy to hear you are doing well, that is awesome. The important thing is to find what works for you and I would be that my metabolism is much more messed up than yours.I bet you are more active than me too :) I have tried sweet potatoes lately and a bit more fruit but they upset my stomach and add pounds.