In a Nutshell


I might as well say the earth is flat. 

It feels like that because I also believed what the government and your doctors tell you (and every commercial on TV), eat high fiber low fat whole foods to loose weight and be  healthy.  I was considered by many to know a great deal about healthy food. But my low carb paleo research and personal experience led me to facts that changed my mind about all of it (I still think vegetables are good for you). 

Here, in a nutshell, are some of the radical and scandalous things I have recently come to believe (and I still have so much more to learn): 
  • The whole dietary Cholesterol is bad thing is BS
  • saturated fat is not bad for you, it is good for you (fat was demonized due to bad science and politics)
  • vegetable oils are unhealthy  - bad stuff, I wouldn't go near soy either
  • high fructose corn syrup is evil poison, sugar is poison too
  • B12 and magnesium deficiencies can cause a lot of health problems and diseases
  • wheat is bad for you, even whole grains are harmful for most people (they are mutations of the ancient grains) 
  • there is no science to support the benefits of vegetarianism, it is a moral choice I respect, but don't tell me it has any scientific based health benefits - meat is only a problem when it is tied to sugar and starches
  • protein rocks but you need fat too (and too much can be converted to glucose)
  • bread and potatoes raise your blood sugar as much as sweets, if not more
  • the celiac  test can come back negative and wheat can still be a huge problem for your health
  • you don't need grains, there is no micro-nutrient that you can only get from them
  • the sun is good, (as long as you aren't burning) and it improves your health
  • I would never take a calcium supplement 
  • calories in - calories out- means nothing (reducing calories can have great benefit but it isn't the whole story)
  • the chemicals you rub into your skin can harm your health (skin care, soap, make up, etc.) - that one I always believed
  • doesn't matter if you call it the leptin resistance or insulin resistance, the remedy (low carb) is the same
  • burn off more calories than you consume, is BS
  • most people have great success loosing body fat when they stop eating  grains, high sugar fruit and starchy veggies (and low fat diary)
  • you can cure type two diabetes and maybe even type one and MS with diet changes, and you can reverse heart disease with diet
  • what the heart associations and diabetes associations are telling you to eat, is the exact stuff that will keep you sick
  • food guidelines are not based on science but lobbyists and big business
  • there is a lot of bad political science out there, paid for by big pharma or conducted poorly, science is kind of cool and not as hard as I thought
  • the 27 year old obesity epidemic was caused by the low fat industry telling people to go high carb
  • you can love an animal like a friend and eat another, it is in fact normal. 
  • breaking everything down to  micro-nutrient is missing the point, (you can't make yoghurt a new way  - gelatin and pectin instead of bacterial cultures, then add the pro-biotic back in and say it has the same nutritional benefit as the original food, and oranges can't be replaced with vitamin C)
  • there is no balanced or perfect diet for all, our individual reactions can be very different 
  • I didn't overeat because I had "issues" I overate because my blood sugar was messed and the grains I were eating made me hungry (and I wasn't getting any dietary fat)
  • frankenfood is not food, as a 200,000 year old species, we humans have not adapted to it yet and it is too soon to know what damage GMO food will do to us
"No randomized trial looking at weight change has shown that people did better on a low-fat diet,"
                 Harvard's Dr. Dariush Mozaffarian 


  1. I like this Lisa. So much is common sense but it goes against the norm. That's the struggle!

    1. Thanks Sharon, I think we will see more and more of this in the mainstream media. Dr. David of Wheat Belly was on Dr. Oz. It is just the beginning. :)