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Here are some juicy picks from July from the on-line world of health, paleo and science..... 

A great post about why having just one bite of sugar, doesn't work  (learned that on a camping trip with just a little caramel corn, the next three days I was crazed for treats like cookie monster, after a month of being sugar free)  -   Hitting the Reset Button by Mary Vance


I am always intrigued  by the politics and economics behind poor food quality and health issues,  The Big Business of Bad Health and Failed Fat Loss by Jonathan Bailor’s Smarter Science of Slim is awesome. I love the graphics and one liners on The Smarter Science of Slim , like this one. 

And while on the subject of politics and "science" check this out ...(maybe some conclusions should be based on self experimentation as opposed to published clinical studies.)  NEJM editor: “No longer possible to believe much of clinical research published” 
That said, here is a cool study, 

Ketogenic (Low Carb) diet does not affect strength performance in elite artistic gymnasts

The  greatest  real food on-line event ever  - was in July. You can still view all the presentations from the Real Food Summit by Sean Croxton, for about $100. Here is the best slide, from Zoe Harcombes presentation, about the fact that there is not a SINGLE study showing that saturated fat causes heart disease.

The greatly anticipated book, It Starts With Food arrived with summer, and it is so unlike most paleo books (with their predictable chapters, like, why sunlight is good, evils of soy, why we need sleep, how bad grains are, the importance of fats,  etc etc).
This book was a rocking read that doesn't care what cavemen did or didn't eat - but cares about food that 1. does not increase inflammation 2. heals your poor gut 3. doesn't mess with your hormones and 4. doesn't mess with your psychology - I loved it!  Buy it. You can download their free guides at http://whole9life.com/itstartswithfood/ 

I started doing Slow Burn again this summer, and in researching "efficient" exercise found this great post from 2010 by Chris Kresser How to lose weight and prevent diabetes in 6 minutes a week. I love Slow Burn so much that I finally travelled to Halifax for some proper personal training this summer at One to One, a phenomenal gym~wellness centre. 

Here is one of the smartest videos I have seen in a while, check out : Hard to cut back on sugar? By Pam Young

This summer I am visiting with friends I haven't seen in a while and I am pleasantly amazed by how many no longer eat grains. Others seem a bit horrified that I don't eat "healthy whole grains" any more. Here is a great and easy post about What Is Wrong With Grains and for those that say, "but my grains are sprouted or fermented", check out Are Traditionally Prepared Grains Healthy? 

There are so many more great stories, studies and educational resources out there (follow my facebook page "Lisa Lawrence" for more), but until I have a chance to organize them and add them to this website, check out this great success story.


Jonathan Bailor's guest post on Mark's Daily Apple, 

 Ancient Wisdom Confirmed by Modern Science


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