Kids, Paleo and Halloween


Halloween Stuffed Peppers
I was the weird kid with the miso soup and rice balls for lunch while the other kids at school had white bread with cheese whiz and half-moon cakes. I don't want my kids to feel like they can't be like everyone else or feel excluded from treats others are enjoying. 

But I see how their stomachs and throats hurt (or their noses get stuffed up) after they have refined sugar or junk.  I have also learned so much from the Paleo/Real Food and Low Carb world about how bad  junk food really is for us.  
That is what makes Halloween such a challenge for me. I believe it is really unhealthy for them but I don’t want to be the bummer. I am searching for the middle road.
This is what we did last Halloween - just weeks into the kids starting Paleo. 

When they came home with their loot, as per-arranged, my son was presented with the expensive jacket he had been wishing for, in trade for his junkiest stuff (more than half his loot). My daughter was a hard sell, even after we threw her a fun junk-free party the week before (none of the kids had bobbed for apples before and we made mini jack-o-lanterns from oranges), she was completely unwilling to plan a candy trade. But to her surprise, when she came home, my sister was waiting with hand-me-downs for her to trade for candy (the coolest clothes in the world).  She gave up half her treats, with joy.  Then we all had some home-made chocolate covered bacon to compensate for lost treats.

As for this year, the kids (14 and 11) have found that the longer they go without junk, the more it bothers them when they do eat it - but they still want it, of course. They have also learned to make home made treats themselves and rave about how much better tasting their treats are than junk food. I am not sure anything has changed though.

This year's candy trade is still in negotiations.

Check out the Green Halloween Guide to a non GMO Halloween

Here are some ideas for home-made treats: 
More treat ideas:
Glowing Ghosts
Glittered pumpkins 
Pop goes the pumpkin



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