So what do you eat?


by Nom Nom Paleo

"So what do you eat?" is the number one question I get asked when people learn that I eat differently than them. They are truly baffled.  I understand. The transition from the standard diet was challenging at first, but now eating Paleo/low carb is just a habit for everyone in my family. There is no thinking about it and thankfully there is always something to eat.

Keep in mind that I am the farthest thing possible from a domestic goddess. I always say, "I did not sign up to be a cook, I just wanted to have kids". In my youth I avoided learning to cook as best I could. So if I can figure out something to pack for lunch while trading in grains, processed foods and dairy- anyone can!

I get bored easily and would rather stick needles in my eyes than make a meal plan or go grocery shopping (I was that way before going paleo). I have to admit though, the longer we are paleo, the more interested I become in finding foods and making a nice meal, because my diet now is so much more enjoyable and flavorful.
So, here are some of the things we eat (I have listed the yummy stuff below).  We also pack food with us whenever we go out (collecting cool food containers has become somewhat of a hobby for me lately).  This way eating out, or being stranded without food is not a big issue. 

We seem to go through phases, eating the same thing several times a week for a month. Lately we have been eating a  lot of cauliflower mash. Easier to make than I imagined. The kids hate cauliflower, but they loved this. 

What is your favorite and EASY thing to make and eat these days? 
I am always looking for ideas. Please send them to me at or post them in the comments section below. 

Thanks a million
PS: I hope to expand this list in the next couple weeks. 

bacon and eggs
spinach and eggs (scramble both with butter)
sausage and eggs (the most amazing sausage can be found here)
eggs with butter and shredded parmesan
smoothie (frozen banana, frozen strawberries, coconut milk or almond milk)
chocolate smoothie (frozen banana, cocoa powder, coconut milk)
zucchini butter and garlic, with a side of eggs
almond flour pancakes (once in a while - for special)
supper for breakfast (we make extra supper often)

red pepper sticks, celery sticks and macadamia butter for dip
hard boiled eggs
left over supper
organic green olives
sauerkraut with avacado oil (my weirdest thing)
roasted veggies or steamed veggies with salad dressing and sun dried tomatoes

home made larabars (dates, nuts and a food processor, there are many recipes online)
left over supper
goat milk
almond milk
bag of nuts
oranges or tangerines

pastured pork or grass fed beef with greens and dressing and a side of sweet potato/cauliflower/veggies with butter
stuff in a crock pot (meat/carrots/celery)
burgers (ground pork) with avacado and bbq sauce or salsa with salad or veggies (often asparagus)
Casar salad (lettuce, home made dressing, bacon and shredded cheese)
curry in a hurry (half and half coconut milk and jarred tiki Marsala or curry paste mixed with meat and veg)

bone broth (a most important part of my life)
beef jerky here is the link to the recipe

chocolate orange truffles
chocolate blubber here is the link to the recipe
chocolate bark
coconut ice-cream (can of coconut milk, 4 yolks, 1 cup shredded pineapple, some honey- blended and put in ice cream maker)
maple nuts (roasted nuts in frying pan and add maple syrup and sea salt)


  1. I hear you about meal planning and grocery shopping! Thanks Lisa. This is great! Here is a wicked site I just discovered. I went out and bought a binder for recipes and am starting to compile :)



  2. Val,
    I have a white binder in the kitchen for recipes. I just need to refer to it more often. Good luck with your binder. I would love to know what you had for supper (or what your favourite eats are).
    I love Health Bent, thanks.
    best of health to you :)

  3. Great to see someone else who also hates grocery shopping! I still find it to be a chore... but have started hating it less since going paleo since I like having more control of what I'm eating.... still would be easier if it could all just be delivered!