Heart Disease and Science


Here is the God's honest truth. 

I have eaten two eggs with bacon or sausages every single morning for two years (as of April 11th) - plus butter and lots of other animal fats/coconut oil with my other meals (which are grain free and veggie oil free). In that time my cholesterol went from 5.3 to
6  which is 108 mg/dl in the USA and according to my two docs, great!. Most importantly, my triglycerides went from 1.24 to 0.63 (or 11.34 in the USA). I also lost 35 pounds, cured my tachycardia, sinusitis, and apnea and ditched my five meds.

So why am I hearing on the radio TODAY, in this century,
the author to Canada's only definitive guide for heart health say we should only eat one egg a week (and when we do just eat the yoke), that we should avoid animal fats to have a healthy heart and that canola oil is the healthiest oil for your heart? (Holy crap that stuff will kill ya.)

I find it so heartbreaking that the lies continue while people suffer and die

It is also frustrating that people like this woman state these "beliefs" as if they are facts beyond question.

My dream is that more people ask WHY and HOW dietary animal fat, such as eggs, bacon, and butter supposedly causes heart disease? (How could something 70 generations of our ancestors ate cause a modern disease epidemic?)

My dream is that more people decide to learn for themselves how to improve their health and ask more questions.

What really causes heart disease and where did this lie about dietary fat from from?
I hope you find out for yourself. 
Here are two great websites with easy to understand and solid information, to get you started

And here are three free podcasts with tons of info from the great Dr.Dayspring. 
Lipidologist Dr. Thomas Dayspring Explains The Truth About Cholesterol

"Diamond said there are two myths ..in.. our society: consumption of food high in fat and cholesterol cause heart disease, and individuals will live longer if they lower their serum cholesterol through the use of medication. “We have been led to fear foods high in cholesterol, such as eggs and beef, but the real culprit in causing heart disease, is simple carbohydrates, obtained from potatoes and refined sugar.”

Yours in health, 


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