Problems with Paleo


In the last two months I have heard many times from people in front of me and from people on the interwebs that there are many specific problems with the Paleo/Primal/Ancestral/Real Food diet.  Sometimes these problems are posed as reasons or excuses for not eating real, unprocessed, local food. 

I am not referring to the emotional (non-scientific) argument against eating animal. I am not even going to go there (I did in this previous post).

These problems boil down to three main themes. They are that the Paleo diet is:
  1. too expensive
  2. not environmentally friendly (i.e. eating meat increases climate change)
  3. impossible,  for everyone on the planet to eat this way (we need processed food to feed the starving people in the world).

Here are my responses: (well they are not mine, but they are two little videos I think respond to these “problems” brilliantly)
  1. "Pay now or pay later"* – and watch this:  Food independence or elitism? An interview with Joel Salatin. (4 minutes)
  2. Watch this:  Allan Savory: How to green the world's deserts and reverse climate change (22 minutes)
  3. "Really?!?"  "How do you know?" (see previous two responses)

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*there are many great resources for eating Paleo on a budget. AND I do agree that it is sometimes impossible for those living in real poverty to eat real food, let alone eat.  This isn't about real poverty, although I think food poverty is better addressed with real food action than short term  frankenfood solutions.
Here is another movie: Reversing global warming with livestock?: Seth Itzkan at TEDxSomerville


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