Tweets from the Paleo f(x) 2013


"There's nothing normal about something just because it's common." - @NoraGedgaudas #PFX13

"Neither melatonin or cortisol are necessarily bad guys. They need to be in the proper balance." - @NoraGedgaudas #PFX13

"If you're taking melatonin supplementation daily, then you're screwing up this whole system." - @NoraGedgaudas #PFX13

"You can do everything else right, but stress alone will unravel you." -- @NoraGedgaudas on the health of your adrenal function

"Cortisol influences carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism." - @NoraGedgaudas on how stress leads to weight stalling.

"Cortisol is a blood sugar can increase the liver making glucose and impair the utilization of glucose" - @NoraGedgaudas

"Give your cells the kind of energy they want. It's not sugar--it's FAT!" - @drcateshanahan #PFX13

"If you feed your mitochondria fat, you make it stronger. When you feed them sugar, you make them weaker." - @drcateshanahan #PFX13

"The heart tracks 30% better on ketones than glucose. The best evidence says fat burning is a win-win." - @drcateshanahan #PFX13

"Being a fat-burning gives you more power from muscles and heart, less lactic acid and 40,000 calories of energy." - @drcateshanahan #PFX13

"When we say carbo-loading, we should be saying sugar-loading to see it for what it really is." - @drcateshanahan #PFX13

“If you want stupid kids, feed them sugars and trans fats” #PFX13

Anti-inflammatory compounds in turmeric are among the FEW that cross the brain blood barrier according to @NoraGedgaudas. #PFX13

"About one-third of people are sensitive to dairy proteins leading to a whole host of chronic health issues." - @TerryWahls #PFX13

"Organ meats are a potent source of nutrition for your body." - @TerryWahls #PFX13

"Color is a marker for the density of the micronutrients in the food you eat. So eat many different colors!" - @terrywahls #PFX13

If you want ur kids 2 have proper jaw development & avoid lots of orthodontic work, give them omega3-rich foods #fish #gfbeef #pfx13 -Dr. Wahls

Robb Wolf says that by 2050 at best 1 of 2 Americans will be diabetic. #PFX13

"Don't get lost in the details on the main message about #Paleo. Some need more carbs, some less fat, but that's okay." - @RobbWolf #PFX13

"We need to hang a sign that says 'good until further notice' on EVERYTHING we say." - RobbWolf #PFX13

Sleep deprivation over time can make someone as insulin resistant as a type II diabetic. #paleofx #PFX13 -robbwolf

per @robbwolf, when cops started following @American_heart prescribed high carb, low fat diet they got sicker. #PFX13

@drlaurennoel says about micronutrients "you are what you absorb not what you eat" #pfx13

@PrimalBalance: If you want stupid kids, feed them sugars and trans fats #PFX13”

"Nobody's coming to save us - we have to take care of ourselves!" @robbwolf #pfx13
@robbwolf says Nutrition, exercise, sleep, & community will help you succeed not pharmaceuticals #Pfx13

"The difference between whole grain and bleached white bread for diabetics is so small." - @diabeteswarrior #PFX13

"I'm in the 100-125g range of protein, but carbs are the main food that will cause problems for me." - @diabeteswarrior #PFX13

"I discovered by cutting carbs I helped my diabetes...I got excited and went to the ADA site. They banned me." - @diabeteswarrior #PFX13

"Why does the ADA promote high-carb, grain-based diet? They're having studies funded by Frito-Lay, PepsiCo." - @diabeteswarrior #PFX13

"Big Pharma paid the ADA $19 million in 2008. Are we really going to say they don't have an influence on protocol?" @diabeteswarrior #PFX13

"I'll have my day in court on May 15 in Richmond, VA defending my right to tell diabetics about #lowcarb." - @diabeteswarrior #PFX13

What is low carbs? 30-40 grams for average person. Up to 100 for a high performance athlete.
“200 grams of carbs is not low Carb" #pfx13

Per @everydaypaleo you need to eat what works for you #Pfx13

Nora Gedgaudas says women need to be patient with their bodies as they adopt a paleo lifestyle. #pfx13
Looking at a body, does not tell us if the person is truly healthy. #pfx13

"People change when pain of problem is Greater than pain of solution" -Nora Gedgaudas #PFX13 #ancestralhealthforwomen

"Turn of tv, pay attention to your body, take care of yourself but not in a punitive way. Be kind &Patient, have YOU time" #PFX13

#PFX13 it's not about weight, it's about fixing ALL THE THINGS! :)

#PFX13 who's voice are YOU hearing, and is it real for you?

@PaleoforWomen -what a woman's body needs is to never be starved. #pfx13

@NoraGedgaudas #PFX13 love yourself in an honest way, not a punitive way.

“As women we attach so much emotion on outside perspective, we need to remain centered by focus on what's inside”-Sarah Fragoso #PFX13

@balancedbites says her advice for women is to be patient and DON'T compare yourself
#Pfx13#PFX13 women: save your adrenals now for a better menopause later...or sooner!

Research is clear that resistance training improves cardiorespiratory health, so don't be scared of lifting things! #pfx13

"Elevated cholesterol is a precursor to hormone disruption." - Dr. Amy Myers #PFX13

"Canola oil is pro-inflammatory and inflammation disrupts hormones immensely." - @drcateshanahan #PFX13

"Sex hormone imbalance is caused by stress and sleep deprivation. This is so common these days." - @chriskresser #PFX13

#pfx13 If you're doctor says you're just getting old, you need a new doctor. Lane Sebring

"There are so many connections here with hormone imbalance, it's mind-boggling." - @chriskresser #PFX13

@DrLaurenNoel says vitamin B6 helps balance hormones and make more serotonin, which makes us happy! #Pfx13"Vitamin B6 needed for estrogen. You need magnesium to activate it. Selenium (brazil nuts) is also needed to convert T3 to T4." - #PFX13

"Get to sleep by 10pm to avoid the tired but wired feeling with cortisol spiking." - Dr. Amy Myers #PFX13

"Sleep varies from individual, but most people require 7-8 hours/night. Less than 6 leads to declines unbeknownst to the person." - #PFX13

Per @AmyMyersMD, 95% of our neurotransmitters are in the gut so everything effects and can start with our gut! #Pfx13

Having hormone problems? Could be a problem with your digestion or leaky gut, improper elimination etc #pfx13

"Daily stresses can shut down your elimination by ignoring those subtle cues. Drinks LOTS of water!" - @drcateshanahan #PFX13

RT @AmykRd: "You can't change anybody. You can inspire them." -@NoraGedgaudas #PFX13

"Environmental toxins absorbed in the body and it leads to lower fertility. Things like mercury, lead and gasoline." - @DrLaurenNoel #PFX13

"If a man is losing weight, testosterone can go down but it will go back up again after weight loss ends." - @AmyMyersMD #PFX13

"When you manipulate one hormone, you impact them all. Bio-identical hormones should be the last result." - @NoraGedgaudas #PFX13

#pfx13 Cell phone effects on brain and testosterone levels are real but hidden by the industry. Dr. Sebring

"Iron plus fat is dangerous when you eat bad oils." @drcateshanahan

"Estrogen in women store more fat. Testosterone in men goes to arteries." - @drcateshanahan #PFX13

"I'm more worried about low cholesterol than high cholesterol." - @NoraGedgaudas #PFX13

"High insulin in men leads to higher estrogen. High insulin in women leads to higher testosterone. Exact opposite." - @chriskresser

Must get protein within an hour of waking for adrenal fatigue. No intermittent fasting  you stressed out mamas that are just like me :-) #PFX13

Panel ask is adrenal fatigue real? Answer is absolutely #PFX13

Via @robbwolf "Evolutionarily novel foods don't necessarily lead to pathology" #PFX13

For those fighting autoimmune disease, addressing intestinal permeability (leaky gut) is an absolute must! #pfx13 day 3

It's important to raise awareness of how food choices profoundly impact kids' mental & behavioral health. - @chriskresser #pfx13

Research seems to indicate that you can't get an autoimmune disease unless you have intestinal permeability! #pfx13 -Robb Wolf

Evolutionary tradeoffs: if reactive gut: more likely to fight bacterial infection but also more likely to develop Auto immune disease @robbwolf #PFX13

@EvaTwardokens The #1 biomarker for health is muscle mass #PFX13

"3 most important things to your health - diet, exercise and internal silence." - @EvaTwardokens #pfx13

Per @chriskresser: One bite/meal shouldn't "wreck" you (barring celiac, etc.). If you're healthy, you should be pretty resilient. #PFX13

@chriskresser says its important to provide your kids a healthy relationship with food instead making then neurotic. #Pfx13

Don't create a dynamic of "can't have." Balance of nourishing w/ healthy foods but not neurotic. Chris Kresser #paleoparenting

Wolf: We (paleo) are being held to standard that current medicine itself is not being held to. #PFX13 @PaleoPhysicians

ADD, ADHD, OCD, and many behavior related issues may improve with a gluten free diet #pfx13 @chriskresser

@chriskresser skin conditions  can be tied back to inflammation, and gut bacteria levels #pfx13

Fermented foods are best was to get probiotics to improve gut function #PFX13

"For people that want to lose weight, it's sleep and diet. Not necessarily exercise." - @Erwan_Le_Corre #PFX13

Per @chriskresser, gut-brain-skin axis is improved w/nutrient-dense foods, low FODMAPs, low histamine, bone broth & fermented foods #PFX13

Seed oil, trans fat, sugar messes with Gut/Brain/Skin #PFX13

Fermented dairy has never been associated with dairy and may even help acne. - Chris Kresser #PFX13 

Per @chriskresser, fermented dairy hasn't been associated w/acne. Pasteurized unfermented dairy is a whole 'nother story. #PFX13

Dr. Shanahan: your blood sugar should be between 75-85 all day. #pfx13

Low stomach acid is related to acne. Get your gut in order. #PFX13 Chris Kresser

"Metabolic derangement is living in contempt of our genes instead of living in harmony with them." Dr. Lane Sebring @PaleoFX #pfx13

"Our bodies want to be healthy & have an innate healing wisdom. When we get out of the way, it heals itself." @DrLaurenNoel

Probiotics correct stress in the gut. Anxious- take some probiotics. @chriskresser rocking #PFX13

Study shows that pro/pre biotics improve mood in depressed patients. - Chris Kresser #PFX13

If kids are eating junk food their gut pathogens may have shifted. Test for and treat to help them crave real foods. @chriskresser

Are you insulin sensitive? If you are, get some SUN = insulin sensitizing solution. @robbwolf

“@nomnompaleo: Great 1st foods for babies: liver, egg yolks, meat. What's good for you, is good for your kids. #PFX13”

Low stomach acid is related to acne. Get your gut in order. #PFX13 Chris Kresser

#PFX13 Keifer: "vegetables are a vessel for butter"

Top nutrient dense foods: bone broth, liver, seafood, grass fed beef, kale, coconut oil, fermented food, eggs #pfx13

#PFX13 medical ketosis is a healthy shift. The % of fat depends on your desired result.

People who identify with a group - tend to be successful #PFX13

#PFX13 your body will shift from fat storing from fat burning BUT you protein to fat ratio needs to be right.

Ketosis is not just about cutting carbs. It's moderating proteins. #PaleoFX2013 #PFX13

#PFX13 when you’re craving carbs most of the time you may be really craving salt.

#PFX13 hunger is not based on how much you eat but it is based on blood sugar levels.

Hunter gatherers don't need "bone soup" unless they're eating grains #PFX13

"Ketogenic diet is the ultimate treatment for sugar addiction" Dr Colin Champ @PaleoFX #PFX13

#PFX13 often people have leptin issues when a ketogenic diet isn't working.

"Paleo puts health back in the hands of the individual" - Dr. Lane Sebring #pfx13 #paleo

You'll lose weight, but more importantly you gain health and a better lifestyle. @PaleoParents -Stacy Toth (lost 100lbs!) #PFX13

"Health is not weight. Health is not body fat. Health is about the inside as well as the outside." - #pfx13

Don't be afraid to ask for help @George Bryant #pfx13

@PaleoParents It's important that we pay attention to our relationship with food! #PFX13 

Biohacks include: better sleep, vit D, fish oil, step counting, donating blood, IF, and protein cycling #pfx13

#PFX13 @fatburnman bio hacking: sleep better! Use what you have to but get better sleep!

Sitting, even for those that are physically active increases risk if all-cause mortality #pfx13 #standingintheback


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