Transitioning to Low Carb Paleo


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This is how I combine low carb with paleo:

LOW CARB: NO sugars, starches, alcohol, veggie oils, low fat diary, fruit (except occasional berries or citrus).

PALEO: NO grains, legumes, veggie oils, processed sugars, dairy.

A lot of low carb people are into processed food, artificial food, artificial sweeteners and some grains and legumes.

A lot of paleo people are into starches, potatoes sweet potato, lots of tropical fruit, lots of desserts with maple syrup, honey, dates, etc.

So I go for paleo first (real food, close its source) less the starches, and reduce the carbs (i.e... less nuts, more nutrient dense and colourful carbs like leafy veggies and berries. 

My kids and husband can have more fruit, starches and "paleo desserts", but I now know for sure, after years of experimenting, that for my body, eating strick paleo  does not work for me in terms of loosing weight. I am very carb sensitive. My metabolism is broken from years of eating very little protein and high carb diets and other health issues. 

Eating low carb/Nutritional Ketosis does enable me to loose weight, feel better and experience less inflammation in my sinuses. 

This is how I suggest people transition to  low carb paleo - in phases:

PHASE 1: easy peasy, switch your fats and oils (assuming you have already ditched pops, artificial sweeteners and booze) from veggie and procesed oils to naturaly sourced fats and oils, also trade in low fat diary for full fat dairy  (I can't tolerate dairy - I thought I was fine with it, but you wont know if you can until you go off it for at least 21 days.)

PHASE 2: trade in grains and legumes, for nuts, seeds, heaps of veggies and more natural fats and oils, as well as protein (try the other cuts of meat and odd bits) - good luck finding packaged food without soy or corn oil

PHASE 3: reduce sweets, all kinds of sugars, juice, dates, fruit, starches - potatoes, bananas, gluten free treats, (except for a bit of berries and citrus)

PHASE 4: improve food quality -grass fed beef, pastured pork, lard, free range poultry and eggs, wild seafood, grass fed butter, raw full fat diary, organic produce when possible, and add fermented food to diet gradually

PHASE 5: if you are meeting your personal fitness and body composition goals as well as your health marker goals, and you are thriving in terms of your sleep, mood, skin and gut health, have some starchy fruit and veg once in a while, along with some grain free booze and paleo treats (once in a while!). If you are not meeting your goals, try diary free for 21 days, and for fat loss:reduce carbs, increase fats and ease off on the protein.

These phases can be done (1-4) all at once, or in weekly or monthly stages, depending on how much of an adjustment it is for your lifestyle and on how quickly your body adapts. 


  1. Hey! I loved your article. I felt alone until I read it. I've been thinking about how I lost the most weight doing low carb but I love my new paleo lifestyle. I'm glad to read your tips :) thanks!

  2. Thank you - there are great things about both low carb and paleo and combining them. You are so not alone :)

  3. I second the above sentiment! I know they can go hand in hand. I'm trying to treat my sons "ADHD" symptoms with a paleo diet versus medication. I love the paleo diet but really need to lose some weight. This is wonderful advice! Thank you!

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  5. Fiber is also a big part of the equation; simply put, you can have more carbs in your diet if they are in the form of fiber low carb 30 minute meals