Calories don't count


I don't count calories anymore because I have concluded that there are too many bio-chemical reactions going on when we eat to have my health boil down to the inaccurate and oversimplified statement, "calories in- calories out". 

One hundred calories of spinach or fatty protein affects our body and mind so differently than one hundred calories of cookie. We could be stuffed and feeling full while our cells are starved for nutrients. I have found that the more nutrient dense food I ate, the more full I felt and the less I wanted empty calories. 

We need nutrients, not calories, to achieve health and our natural weight. Our ancestors didn't count calories nor do any other animals on the planet.

I also don't count calories because it is not not trusting nor kind to myself. Our minds need healthy relationships with food and that is undermined when we calculate or count calories, carbs or points.

To improve this relationship with food I try to eat when I am hungry and stop when I am full (not always as simple as it sounds, especially in stressed out moments but this practice is life changing).  I have seen this practice in myself and many others increase (not decrease) the amount of nutrient dense food we eat.  But it is also just so important to know that You Count more than Your Calories.

  “If you decided to reteach yourself your own loveliness today, what would you do? How would you speak to yourself? Can you allow yourself that much?”
Geneen Roth

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