What if?


In the last couple days I have seen and heard stories of exactly 6 people suffering from various physical ailments (IBS, allergies, migraines, arthritis, ADD, PCOS, wanting to lose weight, and more).

In each instance I wondered why people think going off dairy, grains (especially wheat) and veggies oils for 30 days to see if that can make them better is so so more difficult or unappealing than their present struggle.

I am not saying this dietary change isn't challenging at first, or that it will work completely or in all cases, or that I have it all figured out. (I know very little for certain and I am less and less confident in what I know - the more I learn about science and nutrition and health.) In fact I would advise anyone who asked- not to trust the person who is certain when it comes to food and health. But I know personally dozens and dozens of people and have read even more cases of people who have seen these dietary changes make a huge difference in how they feel, in many cases almost wiping out their suffering. Most of these cases involve a specialist who said the person definitively had no allergies, or that there was no treatment for their condition, or that their condition was absolutely not diet related.

I wonder why those that have heard of being dairy/canola oil/grain free are so resistant to it. You don't even have to avoid sweets (it would help but going off grains alone makes some people feel great). I make no money from this. I am just baffled. What could I do to make the transition or 30 day trial easier for people. Would meal ideas or our meal diary help? Recipes? Success stories? Scientific articles?

Perhaps this will help:

This lifestyle does not have to be followed perfectly - I ate a huge chocolate bar today (Oy, help me), perfect makes unhealthy relationships with food - not a good idea. And food compulsions need extra loving and attention beyond food substitutions.

You won't harm yourself by avoiding these foods; there is no nutrient in grain that you can't get tenfold from other food. Modern grains processed in modern ways are very damaging, and there are plenty of real foods that can replace them and veggie oil.

The good news is dairy may be ok for you, but you won’t know it, even if you feel fine, until you are off it for at least 21 days.

You won’t starve, especially if you allow fat back in your diet the way it was in human diets for the last 70 generations, before the health epidemic, and before the bad science that created the low fat dogma of the 80s.

In my case, I wasn't miserable before I switched these foods out. I wasn't even trying to feel better because I didn't believe there was anything that could be done about my ailments at the time. I just wanted to loose weight. My point is that trying a grain free/legume free/ veggie oil free lifestyle, is not just for those suffering from disease. 

I say this all with love, not criticism. How can I help? WHAT IF you or your loved one could feel better?


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