About Me


I have discovered an oasis. A place with delicious, fulfilling food that immensely improved my health and does not leave me constantly hungry.

I changed my family's diet three years ago.  As a result, I no longer have sleep apnea, heart palpitations, edema, hypoglycemia symptoms or need beta blockers, my seasonal allergies and rhinitis have greatly improved and I easily (despite being a confirmed sugar addict with no will power or energy) lost 35 pounds. My husbands A-fib is now symptom free, my daughter no longer has heartburn and my son's IBS has vastly improved. 

Food is no longer confusing nor guilt laden nor "one size fits all". I eat very low carb/paleo while the others enjoy a Primal lifestyle (with raw dairy) and my son follows a Paleo/low FODMAP diet. Moving away from the Food Pyramid and Canada's Food Guide has also improved my family's energy levels and made us stronger and happier. At the same time, our enjoyment of food and its flavor has greatly increased.  

I discovered this lifestyle (not eating grains, legumes, veggie oils, or packaged food, while allowing plenty naturally source animal fats, fish, meat, eggs, fruit oils, tons of veggies and some fruit and nuts) after a few years of constant health and diet research.  It is not an exaggeration to say I spent an average of 2 hours a day, reading books, blogs, medical journals and listening to health podcasts. 

This research led me to view health from a holistic and evolutionary perspective.   It also let to my practice of seeking change not though depriving myself or blaming myself for emotional eating but by practicing compassion and "food kindness" for myself and others. 

Nothing "motivates the living daylights out of me" more than finding out that something I shared helped another person feel better.

My intention is that this blog will be a forum of sharing, as I continue with my personal health education and journey. 

Yours in health, from Nova Scotia,Canada


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