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My paleo diet is about attempting to eat food that is not processed.  Which means (for me) it it is free from all grains,veggie oils, legumes, dairy, chemicals (edible products) and processed sugar and packaging. With the exception of some full fat dairy (generally, dairy is not paleo but I do not aim for perfection). 

For "Primal" diets, dairy is acceptable but ideally is grass fed and unpasteurized.  A healthy paleo diet also often includes eating offal, bone broth (not just the muscles in meat) and fermented food as our ancestors traditionally did. 

It does include lots of veggies, eggs, meat (I have about one palm size serving twice a day), yummy fats (olive, coconut, lard, etc), some fruit and some nuts. The closer to the source (and organic) the better, if possible. We also have some home made treats made with almond or coconut flours. 

The concept of the paleo diet is not owned by any one. That is a blessing and a curse. It is great that it can be tailored to fit and improve individual lifestyles. But it can also be incorrectly described to fit personal political or commercial goals or critics' agendas. 

The Paleo movements criticism usually revolves around the fact that paleo or ancestral eating promotes eating traditionally (not low fat) and the fact that the lipid hypothesis was never proven.  We do not agree witht the "low fat" government policies that almost everyone takes it as gospel (that saturated fats are harmful or cause heart disease or high blood cholesterol, or that all high cholesterol is bad for health).

  Humans have been around for 70 generations and humans always ate unprocessed and naturally occurring fat. But modern disease only took off around the 1920s and really since the 1970s.  There is mounting evidence, from scientific articles, testimonials and personal experiments, that the culprits in stead were the dawn of veggie oils, margarine, dwarf wheat, pesticides, soy products and sugar and then GMOs. 

Paleo is is based on the evolutionary concept that despite the fact that we are great at adaptation, the vast majority of the typical diet is new to our species and our bodies are displaying the misfit with nutrient lacking and nutrient depleting food with illness and disease.  If you don't like the idea of evolution, think of it as what your great great grandmother ate. 

Low carb is about eating grain and legume free, having  full fat diary (to avoid the milk sugars), lots of non starchy veggies and most importantly it is about avoiding all sugars and starches. 

It is also about eating only moderate protein and high fat for optimal body fat loss and health. 

Low carb is based on the theory that sugar and starches increase blood sugar which increase our bodies insulin production which leads to the over storage of body fat and increased inflammation (resulting in "dis-ease" and illness).  

The concept that carbs are not healthy is disputed in the paleo community but there is some consensus that most healthy bodies can tolerate (grain free) carbs (also called safe starches), but that those of us who have either eaten so much modern food, are so overweight or have  genetic predispositions, are unable to process carbs like other health bodies.  We do not tolerate carbs well.  

How can changing the way I eat really affect how I "look feel and perform" ?  
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